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CommSave is well placed to become the leading European provider of professional Total Telecoms Cost Management (TTCM) services, affording it's clients the ability to manage and control their communications expenditure.

Companies must find ways to remain competitive, whilst still keeping costs down and trying to maintain a profit.  Telecoms is one of the major expenses of the company, and it's one of the most complex to manage, which is why Boston based Aberdeen group describes total telecoms cost management as one of the hottest issues of today in the business process automation marketplace.

CommSave delivers a decisive new approach to managing telecoms service spend, possibly the largest unchecked expense remaining in the enterprise. 

For example for both fixed and mobile networks CommSaves UsageTrack™ Management Service examines every aspect of the way your company manages and uses your fixed line voice network.

• With UsageTrack™ you can monitor your outbound calls and produce regular reports that combine call data with professional analysis to illustrate how your company can best control costs.

• With Bill Track™ CommSave can consolidate multiple service provider bills (on an International basis if required) for both fixed and mobile services and provide web based access to cost centre managers, putting control in the hands of the managers responsible for the costs.

CommSave either provides you with the tools to implement yourself or can provide a ‘self funded’ managed service. CommSave’s solutions are sold directly and via a number of partners.

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